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  ZHENGYOU Beijing HQ has possessed of modern official and development Base with over 3000 sq.m in size, has over 180 employees. After ten years development, our company had been developed as one of classic high-tech industrial companies in China . The main Dorman partners in ZHENGYOU include Beijing ZhengYou system Co,Ltd, ShengZhen Innovation, Investment Co,Ltd, and SARFT GuangHua broadcasting Co,Ltd.

The ZY-MSAP155 realized the dream that combines the PDH and SDH as unity. This remote terminal of platform could supply Zhengyou S -series PDH, PDH-MSTP, SDH and Data transceiver, and host chassis is ZY-MSAP155.


S series PDH optical transceiver realized inter-connecting optionally in whole series of ZhengYou products, Ended the history that different type of transceivers unable to connect each other


In addition to processing the features of S series PDH transceiver and holding the capacity of inter-connecting at the optical lines, the important improvement is that product increased four-port Ethernet function by the line speed of 100M.

VOIP series:

Designed, developed and manufactured by BJZY, ZYEQ-InterPBX is a Family so called VOIP products which integrate functions of Internet Gateway and features of conventional PBX into a new device-InterPBX which stretches extensions of a PBX over Internet to wherever point of the world IP can reach and make you a feeling that the oversea representative offices of your company is just in next door.


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